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Local Starter Pack


We know the amount of hours and the effort you have invested in building your brand ...

The nights drinking red, the volley with inventories, suppliers, clients and all the times when the process of building your company has not gone so well, but there are many others that can turn out very well, such as your brand image.

and that's what we are for.

Just like you, I have also been there: undertaking; looking for a way to make my life easier, working for me and doing what I love.


This package is designed for people like you and me who want to give it all with our brands and who know that for that we need the image of our brand to speak as well of it as we do.

It does not matter if your brand is fashion, food or maybe it is a service, what we like the most is connecting with passionate people who are committed to their projects, the rest always flows.  

If you are a Manizalita entrepreneur, you are in the right place.  

Hi! My name is Pablo  😊

Thank you for thinking of us for the creation of photography for your brand. My team and I are here ready to help you create the content you've always dreamed of.

Below you will find the rates and all the details of how we consider it to be the best way to work together, we hope you like it and if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us, or come to the office to have a red wine. or a celery juice for conversation.

What can we do for you and how does it work?

  • We will do a photography session in which we set aside 4 hours (a morning or a full afternoon) for assembly, taking pictures and disassembly of the entire production.

  • We will edit the best chosen photographs, also colorization and digital photographic retouching.

  • If you are a restaurant, the production includes a maximum of 12 dishes.

  • If you are a fashion brand, the production includes a maximum of 12 looks.

How we work?

  • Within 48 hours after the photographic production, you will receive a link with all the unedited watermarked photos that were taken, from there you and your team will be able to choose the best 40 photos for editing and retouching.

  • From the moment you tell us which were your favorite photos, we will have 7 business days to edit, colorize and retouch your photos and send you a link with the final photos edited in high resolution.

  • As a large part of my job is photo editing, we do not send raw photos. If you want additional edited photos to the ones we initially established, each one will cost $ 20,000 pesos.

  • We keep all the photos forever, and your link with a preview of the photos of your production you will always have it for you, in case at any time you want to buy more edited photos you can do it.

  • To schedule the date for the production of your photos, a deposit of 30% of the total value of the project will be necessary. The remaining value must be paid on the day of production.


A photo session with my team and myself for product photography costs $ 1,500,000 COP.

That  includes?

The rate includes:

  • Pre-Production: We support you thinking and planning everything that we are going to need for production, we will accompany you in the art direction, what props and styling elements are we going to need, what models, etc.

  • Production: Photography production.

  • Post-Production: Editing, colorization and photographic retouching of the chosen photographs.

  • Studio: Photography studio with backgrounds and backdrops.

  • Lighting: Professional lighting teams and Gaffer (Person in charge of the design and control of lighting and equipment).

What is not included?

  • Props: all decoration and styling props and elements will be the responsibility of the client.

  • Models: The hiring, makeup, outfits and payment of the models will be the responsibility of the client.

  • No type of video production.

  • Catering or food.

  • Extra photo retouching.

Terms and Conditions.

  • The above applies to Manizales, either within our study or within the perimeter of the city. If for the production of the photos it is necessary for us to travel outside the city, the client will take care of the transfers.

  • The client must pay an advance of 30% of the total value of the project to separate the production dates.

  • The remaining value of the project must be paid on the day of production of the photos in cash or by bank transfer.

  • The client must sign an authorization for the use of his photographs so that the photographer can use them to promote his own work.

  • The production of the photos is subject to the availability of the photographer.

  • Rates valid during the year 2021.

Sign me up!

If all this sounds good to you and you would like to schedule your session with us, go to the following link to see what spaces we have available this month:


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