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the basics

Product photography

We are going to design, take photography and design a series of product images for you to use in posts on Instagram, Facebook, website and more.

Together we will plan the session to determine which dishes and drinks will be registered, we will generate a look and feel that adapts to the aesthetics of your brand to show your products in the best possible light.  

As part of this service, your restaurant will receive:  


icons_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Concept planning, moodboard, look and feel and production conceptualization.

A call will be scheduled 2 weeks prior to production to socialize the specific communication needs, focus of the photographs and define the dishes and / or products to be registered.  



3 - 4 hours of photographic production

In your restaurant


12 - 15 dishes to register

Between starters, main dishes, side dishes and desserts



Art direction, composition, setting and food styling



50 final photos

The final deliverable will be 50 photos edited and colored.  

What is NOT included?

PNGS2_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Hiring or paying for models or any type of props, tableware, props or setting.


Products and foods to be registered.


1.300 USD

- 1'000 USD - 

* Rates valid for a limited time for economic reactivation project, will be valid only during this season.



Methodology and characteristics of work,
production and delivery:

  • To carry out the production, it is necessary to define the products to be registered and the concept (look and feel) of the production.

  • Once the photographic session is completed, a link with all the photos taken with a watermark will be delivered within 3 business days, so the client can choose the final photos for editing.

  • The final photographs will be delivered within 7 business days once the selection of the photographs to be edited has been made.

  • All photos will be delivered in digital format through the download link.

  • As a large part of my job is photo editing, we do not send raw photos. If the client would like additional edited photos to those that were initially established in the proposal, they can be purchased per unit or per photo pothole and each one will have a cost of $ 20,000 COP or for a pothole of more than 20 photos, the pothole will have a cost of $ 320,000 COP.

    • We keep all the photos permanently, and the link with the preview of the photos of each production, the client will always have it at his disposal, in case at any time he wants to buy more edited photos, he can do so.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The client must pay an advance payment of 50% of the total value of the project to separate the production date.

  • The remaining value of the project must be paid on the day of production by means of electronic transfer or consignment.

  • The client is the only one authorized to use the material created, therefore it is he who is responsible for the dissemination and use of the material.

  • The photographer may make use of the material produced to promote his own work and for commercial purposes.

  • The production of the photos is subject to the availability of the photographer in each city.

  • Quote valid during the economic reactivation campaign in Colombia: July-December 2021.

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