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Alto Pasti

- Italian Trattoria -


This was one of my first projects in photography for restaurants, to be honest, it was quite a challenge, I was something like 20 years old, I had not taken photos for a restaurant until then and this in turn represented a great responsibility, because it was the trendy Trattoria in the city, that is, everything I did well, or did badly as far as my work was concerned, was going to be on the lips of many people. 

The key here was to understand the concept of the restaurant, sitting down to talk with Alejandro Trujillo and understanding everything that he had tried to represent in the restaurant was fundamental to understanding the line of communication, interpreting light, shadow and the use of textures such as Distinctive elements of a trattoria and Italian cuisine made the result speak for itself. In this project I also acted as a graphic designer, always looking for a narrative and a graphic line that was striking but at the same time subtle, that spoke of Italy, pasta ... la dolce vita.

That is Alto Pasti, a little bit of Italy in the heart of Manizales.


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